itoldyouiwouldeatyou - Oh Dearism VINYL


The long-awaited debut LP from FBD stalwarts itoldyouiwouldeatyou. Couldn't be happier to announce this, especially in collaboration with Alcopop Records.

This is ityiwey's most challenging work to date, full of endless rewards for those who're patient and understanding of the message the band try to put across.

Pressed on eco vinyl - each record is made up of other discarded records. This means the colour will vary greatly from record to record so your colour will be completely unique just like you!

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1. Earl, King, Whatever
2. Gold Rush
3. Young American
4. Almost Zero
5. Gathering Things Together and Not Dividing Them
6. Get Terrified
7. Craiglockhart
8. Greek Fire
9. Goodbye To All That

Orders come with a digital pre-order of the LP


Pressing info:
Eco pressing /500

Release date: November 16th 2018