Gun Shy - First Transmission CASSETTE


Gun Shy is the brash, turbulent new musical undertaking of Josh Bannister, formerly of Milk Teeth, and truly a new beast with a mind of it's own. The band presents their debut recorded output in the form of "First Transmission"; a showcase of their delicate songwriting ability, wonderfully juxtaposed with loud, feedback-laden, effects-drenched explosions of noise likeable to bands like My Bloody Valentine and Slint. The 5-track is sprawling and eclectic whilst never deviating from the band's true vision of doing things their own way

1) ~Welcome~
2) The Only Way
3) To Leave
4) Is To Leave
5) With Us


Pressing info:
Clear and Yellow cassette/25
Red sparkle cassette/25
Orange cassette/25
Blue cassette/25

Release date: May 6th 2016