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Weatherstate Baseball Shirt/Dumbstruck bundle

Weatherstate "Southcoast Punx" Baseball shirt. Online exclusive to this bundle.
Comes with your choice of "Dumbstruck" on either CD or cassette.

*Limited sizes available, act fast to avoid disappointment*

From the immediate urgency of "Stutter" to the huge, anthemic, riff-laden chorus of "ILL" to the melancholic self-loathing singalong of "Grinding My Teeth" this really in the record Weatherstate's entire career's been leading up to and, if nothing else, demonstrates what a bright future the band are set to have.

1. Stutter
2. ILL
3. Stuck In A Hole
4. Piss It All Away
5. Grinding My Teeth

Also available on iTunes and the FBD Bandcamp