Atiptoe - +Venture CD


After a long time crafting and perfecting, we're super proud to be putting out '+Venture' (adventure), the jaw-dropping new release from Atiptoe

This 7 track record shows the band at their most creative, most memorable and most dynamic. Toning down their in-your-face technical math-rock sound, Atiptoe put their focus on songwriting and story telling on this new, seamless body of work. The 7 gapless tracks take you on a journey, lending themes and ideas from iconic explorers of the past

Wether it's the effortless fretboard wizardry of Iain Kerr, Adam Walton's subtle bass nuances, the imaginative drumbeats of Simon Treasure or Dave Sylvester's immediately recognisable, smooth vocals; +Venture has something for every fan of forward-thinking alt rock. Atiptoe's finest work to date.

1. C'mon, Let's Light This Candle
2. Silly Old Bear
3. Oh, The Cleverness Of Me!
4. What Is Essential
5. You've Lost Your Muchness
6. Ambushed By Sleep
7. I Have Not Told Half Of What I Saw

Release date: Feb 9th 2016