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Trails - Crooked Trees 12"

Distro item: The highly-anticipated debut LP from Trails, housed in a wonderful fold-out plastic sleeve. You can pour a glass of water over the LP cover and still have it in perfect working order - phew!

One of the year's most exciting, eclectic records. Trails explore the heavier and more melodic sides of their already diverse sound to great effect. If huge riffs and fist-pumping melodies are your cup of tea, we'd highly recommend picking up a copy. ffo: Reuben, RX Bandits, Biffy Clyro, Riffs, Punk-Rock

1. Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads
2. Forever Black
3. Echoes In Eternity
4. Capgras Delusion
5. Egos At The Door
6. Captain Hindsight
7. Newsflash Brainiac, Christ Was Jewish
8. Panthro
9. 1967
10. Export Design_Import Creation

All orders are packaged with a digital download card of the full album

RIP Trails