Fox and The Law - Stoned To Death CD


The new album from Seattle-based Fox and The Law. "Stoned To Death" is far and away FATL's greatest work to date, combining fuzzed up guitars, imaginative drum patterns and hooky, memorable melodies bring you that signature FATL sound

Housed in a gorgeous gatefold CD case put together by ACDSleeve; the UK edition comes complete with two exclusive UK bonus tracks, unavailable anywhere else

1. Cheap Talk
2. Hot Water
3. Nod To The Devil
4. Let It Ride
5. Emily
6. Up All Night
7. Heatstroke
8. Emily (Reprise)
9. Ripped Off
10. Don't Wanna See You Go
11. Can't Be Your Man [UK Bonus Track]
12. Expressman Blues [UK Bonus Track]

Release date: Nov 3rd 2014